Nehmen Sie an den weltweiten Feierlichkeiten zum 100-jährigen Jubiläum von Steelcase teil! Unser Jubiläumsprojekt „100 Dreams, 100 Minds, 100 Years”, das uns das ganze Jahr über begleiten wird, gibt uns einen Ausblick auf das nächste Jahrhundert.

Mar 19

Jim Hackett Addressing Grand Rapids Econ ClubGrand Rapids Econ Club
Earlier today, our CEO Jim Hackett addressed the Economic Club of Grand Rapids. He paid homage to his predecessor, Bob Pew, and commented on the history of the company, including its many challenges and successes since the company was incorporated in 1912.

“As we look back over time we can see that Steelcase often had a rhythm of stepping up to challenges and not only responding to it, but coming out a much better company as a result,” said Jim. “Since day one, that agility and resourcefulness is a result of our company’s dedication to human insights.”

“Today, our customers turn to Steelcase not just because of what we make, but because of what we know,” he continued.  “We create products and services, but our customers buy insights and innovation.  They come to us because they need help making their workplace more productive, more effective, and more attractive to top talent. . . I’m happy to report today that Steelcase is the number one company in the world in this industry and its headquartered right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

“For 10 decades, Grand Rapids has been the epicenter for our business that has grown to employ more than 12,000 hard-working, forward-thinking individuals. It is a city that represents our beginnings as a company. We’d like to take this time to thank our community for supporting our business and providing stellar resources over the years.”

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