100 Minds

Aus der ganzen Welt

Karin Jironet

In Transition

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I believe that “being human” will transcend our current notions to include powers of creation that remain unacknowledged today.

When we look at a child we might attribute childish thoughts and emotions to him or her:  “Ah, such a sweet little thing, what fancy ideas might he or she be walking around with?” But, when we recollect our own thoughts and feelings from when we were about 8 or 9, we know there was nothing childish about them at all. We were perceiving and seeing and knowing just as clearly as we do today, if not more so, since as grown-ups our awareness of reality is likely to be hampered by experience, expectations, attributions and projections – things that tend to develop with time and are determined by personal life experience, wishes and needs.

My vision of human existence in a hundred years is formed by this. I believe that we will be living with full awareness of personal and impersonal thoughts and feelings at all times. I see this as a result of a shift of consciousness towards less ego-attachment and greater development of irrational knowing. This development, which has long been underway, will lead to alterations in our collective priorities. We will aim at maintaining harmonious relationships, we will invest more in artistic accomplishment and we will rely on intergalactic sciences. I believe that “being human” will transcend our current notions to include powers of creation that remain unacknowledged today.

I also believe that our experience and understanding of love as the source of such creative powers will change the world we live in. This will pave the way for intuitive communication and non-verbal exchange of knowing, both of which will play a greater role than talking and writing – “explanations” will be inherent in the message. Our notion of time and space will change toward being a bigger “now.” In many ways, very small children have the seed of these abilities and I believe we will return to the same source with the experience of maturity.

Karin Jironet Bio:

I am a theologian and a Jungian psychoanalyst with established clientele bases in Amsterdam and Rome. My professional career has been dedicated to leadership development in times of transformation. I specialize in applying spiritual principles to the problems of modernity, as these can be found in boardroom dynamics. I count as my clients the banking majors: ABN-AMRO, ING, and the Dutch Central Bank. I am an internationally published author of articles and books on new approaches to organizational development as well as on the daily practice of leadership.