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Aus der ganzen Welt

Victor Carrasco

Design Director,
Coalesse/Live Work

Valencia, Spain

In this historical moment we are living in, of obvious model change, my wish is that we learn to swim through the excess of information and to dive into the essence of things.

Conclusion. One of my favorite words.

Some day, we will soon control machines with our minds, cars will drive themselves, and we will slow down aging. But my wishes are less spectacular than all this.

In this historical moment we are living in, of obvious model change, my wish is that we learn to swim through the excess of information and to dive into the essence of things.

A goal, separate from fashion and trend, where culture, passion for the essence and a renewed attitude will guide us towards our real bearings of a sustainable future.

When sailing, a small course deviation of one degree is negligible for a short journey but can be a disaster in a longer crossing.

As we move toward our conclusion, we must pay attention to these small degrees of change.

In Paris, a standard meter of platinum and iridium was saved in 1889 so it could be a metric reference for the future.

To do things well is not enough anymore, the secret is to know which things to do.

Together. Let’s design a new reference for the future based upon a common and sustainable goal.

Let’s save that plan with dates, deadlines and objectives. Let it be our manifesto, our sacred bearing.  Our shared reference and our conclusion.

That is my dream.

See you there.



Conclusión. Una de mis palabras favoritas.

Pronto manejaremos maquinas con nuestra mente, los coches se conducirán solos e iremos deteniendo progresivamente el envejecimiento, pero mi deseo es menos espectacular que todo esto.

En un momento histórico de evidente cambio de modelo deseo que aprendamos a nadar entre el exceso de información y bucear hasta la esencia de las cosas.

Un objetivo lejos de modas y tendencias donde la cultura, la pasión por la esencia, el esfuerzo y una renovada actitud nos guíen hacia el norte verdadero de un futuro sostenible. Hacia nuestra conclusión, ese es mi sueño.

Una desviación de apenas un grado es inapreciable en un paseo en velero pero sería un desastre en una larga travesía.

En 1889 se guardo en Paris un metro patrón de platino e iridio para que fuera nuestra referencia métrica del futuro.

Diseñemos ahora un objetivo común y sostenible y guardemos ese plan con fechas y objetivos para que sea nuestro manifesto, nuestro norte más sagrado. Nuestra nueva referencia y nuestra conclusión.

Hacer las cosas bien ya no es suficiente, el secreto es saber que cosas hacer.

Nos vemos allí.

Victor Carrasco Bio:

Victor Carrasco (Valencia, Spain 1974) graduated cum laude with a degree in Design Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He then started his professional career by collaborating with various prestigious international companies as creative and strategic director, communication manager and product designer.

Carrasco has wide experience in international brand building, development and positioning thanks to his interest in the synthesis, balance, differentiation, sustainable growth and pragmatic prediction regarding future trends.

In 2008, Victor Carrasco was awarded the prestigious international Principe Felipe Prize.