100 Minds

Aus der ganzen Welt

Victoria Redshaw

Managing Director,
Scarlet Opus

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Life is no longer about working to make money to buy “stuff.” It is about making the best decisions possible together to make systems work better, so we can enjoy our time together.

100 years from now we’ll be intrinsically connected to each other and technology.

We will have evolved beyond Capitalism and Consumerism. There will be no monetary system. No one charges for anything, we don’t pay or get paid for anything. Life is no longer about working to make money to buy “stuff.” It is about making the best decisions possible together to make systems work better, so we can enjoy our time together. We are a Humanist society.

We print our food, products and clothing at home. Robots undertake all physical work to allow us time for Free Thinking and Play.

The need to control technological devices physically will have long ceased. Our personal computer will be exactly that – implanted into our brains. No need for a smart phone, Sat-Nav or laptop – our on-board computer does everything. This will also facilitate huge advances in Augmented Reality, allowing the physical world to be visually scanned and digital displays of detailed information about people, products and buildings to be superimposed by our “Minds-Eye.” All that we see and experience is recorded and saved – then simply select a time/date for total recall of past events and freeze-frame scenes, even project this 3D Moment for other people to see and walk around.

There is no need to sit at a desk all day typing on a keyboard. We simply sit in a quiet, relaxed, meditative state and mentally compose our messages for recipients to read and reply to. We can connect to colleagues and friends via Aided Telepathy and chat together in virtual Think Sessions.

The old saying “I could do that in my sleep” finally becomes a reality as we split our night’s sleep into levels of Focused Dreaming and Recreational Dreaming. At the Focused Dreaming level, many communication tasks can be completed including report and email writing, designing and planning. This frees us up during our waking work hours to meet colleagues for relaxed and enjoyable real life Think Sessions. We have no offices. We “come together” in stimulating or relaxing spaces to truly interact – this is what the word “company” now means; being in each other’s company and seeking improvement for all through our decision making. We are all inventors, designers, policymakers and guardians of the law (although crime is rare).

Public transport finally rules the day and comes in the form of self-driving pods that deliver us to our chosen destination safely and on time. Sit back, chat, enjoy the scenery, have a nap, sift through your Aided Telepathy emails or print a snack. All methods of travel create rather than use energy. And every movement we make personally creates energy that is channeled and stored.

Sickness is eradicated. When we begin to get ill our on-board computer picks up on the change to our system and immediately dispenses drugs stored internally. Replacement organs are printed and incredible advances in Synthetic Biology means life expectancy is 100+ years for everyone. Welcome to the future!

Victoria Redshaw Bio:

Victoria Redshaw is the Managing Director at Scarlet Opus, a company dedicated to providing Trend Forecasts to the Home products sector and Trend Intelligence to businesses in the Interiors sector internationally.

She writes articles and contributes to features in journals including Furniture News, Surfacing, Gulf Interiors, Commercial Interior Design, identity, Interior Design Today & writes a column for The National newspaper. Victoria is also a Trend Expert for MyDeco, a media spokesperson for many Scarlet Opus clients and a keynote speaker at conferences and international events including SURFACES – Las Vegas and INDEX – Dubai.

Victoria has been a panel judge for the Commercial Interior Design Magazine Awards and for the World Architecture News ‘Interiors & Design’ Award. She also leads the Trend Tours at INDEX - Dubai and at SURFACES – Las Vegas, as well as curating the popular Trends Hub at this exhibition.

Victoria is the Industry Specialist Lecturer of Trend Forecasting at The University of Huddersfield in the UK where she has taught the unique skill of Trend Forecasting to hundreds of design students.

Victoria previously held roles as Design Manager and Design Director with a variety of home products and textile manufacturers and in these capacities worked to develop product ranges with major retailers. She continues to lead the multidisciplinary team at Scarlet Opus which includes Trend Researchers, Designers and Futurologists, and regularly contributes to postings on the popular Scarlet Opus blog.