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Richard Saul Wurman

The WWW Conference

Newport, United States

Dreams unlock not just a better version of something, dreams unlock the possibility of addition, subtraction, opposites and void. Dreams unlock a space in which ideas are formed.

The simple word “dream” brings many expressions to mind: “the girl of my dreams,” “dreaming of a white Christmas…”

Dreams hint at the unattainable. They are a mix of aspiration, anticipation, and fantasy. Things that exist over the horizon and which disappear when you wake up.

I think of my life as a “waking dream.” In Ancient Egypt and in Sumeria, it was thought that the dream state is a plane of consciousness on which to incubate ideas. Alice in Wonderland is a story filled with the notion of what one can accomplish within a “waking dream.” The most referenced waking dream is Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “Kubla Khan”.

It is possible to apply the phrase “waking dream” to the world of innovation and invention. Dreams unlock not just a better version of something, dreams unlock the possibility of addition, subtraction, opposites and void. Dreams unlock a space in which ideas are formed. These ideas fill a hole in the dreamer’s consciousness and when combined with passion, fuel some of the most admirable and thoughtful exploits of the human journey.

My first dream:

The embrace of design on a good day: not the design of looking good, rather the design of being good. This addresses the bifurcation of the design of multiple products and the design of something personal, something tailored to each individual. I dream of a suite of products designed specifically for me, for each of the 7 billion “me’s” in the world.

My second dream is focused on well-being and the personalization of health: personal prevention and treatment based on my individual genetic profile of immunities and abnormalities. This dream is in contrast to the typical goal of “one-size-fits-all” healthcare.

My third dream is a computer that can nod in understanding.

My fourth dream:

We have a limited language of performance in the same way interior environments only really have surfaces, seats, and storage which account for light, comfort, air, usefulness, safety, well-being, learning, or movement. I dream of a language of design and performance versatile enough to help me understand the design of my car, the design of an event, or the design of my life. Not products but rather performance: safety rather than police with weapons, learning not teachers or preachers, movement not cars, etc…

My fifth dream is that future artists, designers and architects create our world with timelessness in mind as opposed to currency.

We are at the cusp of my sixth dream. It is a dream of being able to fly through understanding, plucking and connecting the threads of our quest for information – situating our  question within a cobweb of personal understanding and the ability to translate information to others.

My seventh dream is to live in the cloud. This is where my journey begins. It is before the first step; the painting before the brush touches paper. It is where my ideas are the opposite of my expectations with the good-humored clarity of a wonderful joke.

Certainly by my 177th birthday 100 years from now, all of these dreams will be fulfilled. That is also my dream.

Richard Saul Wurman Bio:

Described by Fortune magazine as an “intellectual hedonist” with a “hummingbird mind,” Richard Saul Wurman has always sought ways to make the complex clear. He has written, designed and published 83 books on topics ranging from football to healthcare to city guides but he likes to say that they all spring from the same place – his ignorance.

He is perhaps best known for having created the TED conference in 1984, bringing together many of America’s clearest thinkers in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. He also created the TEDMED conference in 1995 and the e.g. conference in 2006.

Now in his 76th year, Wurman continues to quell his restless intellect with a slew of new projects. Planned for September 2012, the WWW.WWW conference will be a gathering of the world’s greatest minds in improvised conversation about the complexity of emerging patterns on our planet.