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Larry Leifer

Stanford University

Stanford, United States

I am a big fan of “homeostasis in nature.”

Steelcase 100 Year Dream …

I am a big fan of “homeostasis in nature.” It is the tendency to balance extremes within biological, social, and political systems. In the human-built environment of the future, we might wisely apply this notion to include our relationship to machines and to each other in unprecedented numbers. The many dreams of this collection are inspiring examples.

Larry Leifer Bio:

Larry Leifer is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering Design and founding Director of the Center for Design Research (CDR) at Stanford University.

A member of the faculty since 1976, he teaches the industry sponsored master's course ME310, "Project-Based Engineering Design, Innovation, and Development;" a thesis seminar, "Design Theory and Methodology Forum;" and a freshman seminar, "Designing the Human Experience."

Research themes include: 1) creating collaborative engineering design environments for distributed product innovation teams; 2) capturing and re-using design knowledge in that environment, and assessing design-team performance. Today’s top priorities include the Hasso Plattner Design-Thinking-Research Program, d.swiss, and the SUGAR-Global Network for design education.