100 Visions

Du monde entier

Marco Beghin

Moleskine America

New York City, United States

I envision a world where we have transcended the need for spatial limitations. Personal expression will ebb and flow with the rhythm of our lives and creation will be truly mobile.

Space for Human Architecture

How will people live and work 100 years from now?

What I love about this question is its magnitude, it allows us to be the architects of our future.

One hundred years from now, I envision a world where we have transcended the need for spatial limitations. Personal expression will ebb and flow with the rhythm of our lives, and creation will be truly mobile.

Inspiration may strike on a high-speed subway car, in the hyper-local produce section of a marketplace, or while running in a park. Our 22nd century contemporaries will carry the mediums of self-expression to capture these moments of clarity as we do today, but the way they create will be more organic and instantaneous.

Innovative mediums will allow us to move, imagine, dream and create instantly within the world around us. There will be no separation between creative work and play. The ability of our mediums to be infinitely accessible and mobile will teach us to see the world as an open canvas for our imagination and will empower us to create a more beautiful world.

Marco Beghin Bio:

Marco Beghin is the President of Moleskine® America, Inc. in the United States. Originally from Italy, with a business and marketing education at Bocconi University in Milan, Marco started his career by immersing himself in international travel as a sales manager. After moving to New York in 1997, Marco successfully directed product development, marketing and communications for forward thinking companies in the design and consumer products industries. Several years later, a conversation about the digital buzz surrounding the Moleskine notebook resonated deeply with Marco’s creative ideals. Drawn to the development opportunities and innovation of the brand, Marco made the move to Moleskine in 2005. He initially worked as a consultant for the Custom Editions and Publishing division, but was soon utilizing his experience and passion for the Moleskine brand to establish the North American office in 2008. Based in the Chelsea Gallery District, Moleskine America, Inc. has made tremendous advances under Marco’s creative vision and astute business sense. The company now works with some of the nation’s leading cultural and business organizations from the Museum of Modern Art to Apple Computer, Inc. and has become a respected figure in the artistic and professional communities. In 2011, Marco was invited to speak at both FUSE: Design & Culture and DMI: Make it Happen conferences.

In his free-time, Marco exhibits an arduous zest for life in the pursuit of his many creative and competitive endeavors. He possesses a deep appreciation for design, photography and cooking and is an avid marathon runner. He is profoundly affected by the beauty and solitude of nature and often escapes to his house in the Berkshires to find rejuvenation and serenity.