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Raghava KK

Raghava KK Inc

New York City, United States

I see a world full of magic and stories. Artists, technologists and storytellers will come together to engender empathy!

Raghava KK Bio:

Raghava KK, named by CNN in 2010 as one of the ten most fascinating people the world is yet to know of, is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist, working in genres as disparate as iPad Art, painting, film, installation, multimedia, performance, and his own wedding.

His work conceptually grapples with the construct of identity, gender and sexuality, and the absence of interpersonal context in today's world of online identity performance. His exhibits at Purdah 2.0 (New York), Brooklyn Bound R Train (Art Musings, Mumbai), Carre d'Art Musee d'Art Contemporain (Nimes, France) and Radical Topography (Giacobetti Paul Gallery, New York) focus on how his recent move to New York City has shaped his identity transformation. Raghava was invited as a panelist on "Background, Identity, and the Straight White Male" at the Winkleman Gallery in New York by curators Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida.

He began as a cartoonist in 1997 with leading Indian publications. More recently, Raghava created and taught a course on art, technology, and storytelling at NuVu Studios, a program out of the MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), which he will continue to teach. In the past, he has lectured at New York University (New York, New York) and at several art institutions, including New Hampshire Institute of Art (Manchester, New Hampshire, USA) and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Nimes, France).

In February 2010, Raghava spoke at the world-renowned TED Conference (Technology, Entertainment, Design) in Long Beach, California along with director James Cameron, musician Sheryl Crow, playwright Eve Ensler, Bill Gates, and mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot.

Raghava has recently collaborated with musicians such as Paul Simon, Erykah Badu, and with Yann Vasnier (FIFA award winning nose).

The artist presently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.