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Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola Studio

Milan, Italy

Gender, race, sexuality, ideology, and faith are just going to be unimportant characteristics that will not define ourselves.

I see a future where designers are working on mental comfort. On small details that make our daily life better. Not only from an ergonomic and functional point of view, but also on a social and emotional level.  A world where each one of us will have a personalized habitat that suits our identities, our needs and evolves with us in a flexible way.

Where objects are not thrown away, but live different lives.

We will care more about the materials around us and their interaction with our bodies.

How to protect us and control sound and noise, temperature, energy and information waves, light and the elements. Without being isolated, without being subjected in an uncontrollable way.

Some matters will grow spontaneously, mixing organic and inorganic.

A world where we will be able to entrap the conscience of power with a fiction that adapts to our own personal reality. Without the fear or need to imitate someone else. Without true or false models, ideologies and icons.

Molding the space to our personality and not the contrary. Finding the truth through invention.

A hyper-truth, not an absolute truth, determined by a communicated and shared reality through distinction.

Where everyone can seek his or her own particular function. Where everyone can seek his or her meaning.

Where we are going to fight indifference.

Where architecture is ephemeral and flexible. Adapting to multitasking purposes and usage.

Where the use of space is maximized.  Where buildings are used close to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A school in the morning, a social center in the afternoon and an office at night.

A church, a stadium and a museum as well will be used for different integrated functions every day.

In 2112, time is not going to be linear. We will reduce the waste of time, we will recycle time. With different densities.

We are going to create filters to protect ourselves from uncontrolled, overabundant, useless information.

We will not feel guilty if we do not respond within 15 minutes to a request in every form of future communication.

Idle hours are going to be protected and voluntary.

Gender, race, sexuality, ideology, and faith are just going to be unimportant characteristics that will not define ourselves.

We are not going to have goals or live for results but will enjoy our travel no matter how long or intense it will be.

We will try to reach, as philosopher Peter Sloterdjik theorizes, an “ontological constitution” for a fair cohabitation of all organic and inorganic forms, human beings, animals, vegetal and machines.

Patricia Urquiola Bio:

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain and now lives and works in Milan.

She attended the faculty of architecture of the Madrid Polytechnic and the Milan Polytechnic, graduating with Achille Castiglioni.

She collaborated with Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti and Piero Lissoni before opening her own studio in Milan in 2001, working on product design, architecture, interiors, installations and concept creation.

She has been selected and has won various prizes among others the International Design Yearbook, IMM Cologne, Good Design Awards of the Chicago Athenaeum, Red Dot Award, Elle Decoration International Awards.

She has been nominated designer of the year for Elle Decoration International Design Awards, Wallpaper magazine, AD Spain, Maison & Object Paris, A&W Germany, Interior Design Hall of Fame.

She has received from the Spanish Government and the King of Spain the Gold Medal of Fine Arts and the Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic Editor of the International Design Yearbook 2007.

Her products are present in the permanent collection of various museums among others MoMA and Triennale Milano.

She designs, among others, for Alessi, Axor, B&B Italia, Flos, Four Seasons, Kartell, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Molteni, Moroso, Mutina, Panasonic, Rosenthal, Viccarbe, W Hotels.