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Susan Szenasy

Editor in Chief,
Metropolis Magazine

New York City, United States

In 2112…Work and life have come to be valued as a holistic understanding of what it means to be creatures that value connectivity, accomplishment, creativity, and beauty.

We will have spent a century connecting all of humanity, through ever more invisible technologies, around the globe and beyond. This somewhat abstract connectivity has, nevertheless, taught us a great deal about our fellow creatures and the many different cultures our species is able create. Our intense connectivity has awakened us to the grand diversity of our world and humankind. Rather than repeating one place everywhere (the now old-fashioned practice of the 20th and early 21st centuries), we create unique places for ourselves in every corner of the globe. Each of these places strives to explore and understand the local climate, resources, and time-honored ways that have come to be respected as the sum-total of human knowledge and our ability to tell special stories about ourselves and our fellow creatures. We have learned to value many different kinds of work. Making things, beautiful, unique things that require an artistic eye and a nimble hand. High tech work that always advances our knowledge of the world and us in it. Helpful work that serves human and planetary well-being. Hopeful work that pushes forward our need for innovation. Work that is seamlessly integrated with life – one supporting the other. Work and life have come to be valued as a holistic understanding of what it means to be creatures that value connectivity, accomplishment, creativity, and beauty.

Susan Szenasy Bio:

Susan S. Szenasy is Editor in Chief of METROPOLIS, the award-winning New York City-based magazine of architecture and design. Since 1986 she has lead the magazine through decades of landmark design journalism, achieving domestic and international recognition. She is internationally recognized as an authority on sustainability and design. Susan sits on the boards of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Interior Design department, the Center for Architecture Advisory, has served one term on the Landscape Architecture Foundation board and two terms on the Council for Interior Design Accreditation board. She has been honored with two IIDA Presidential Commendations, is an honorary member of the ASLA, and the 2008 recipient of the ASID Patron’s Prize and Presidential Commendation as well as the SARA/NY medallion of honor. She has received a citation and an honorary membership from NYC AIA. Along with METROPOLIS Publisher Horace Havemeyer III, Susan was a 2007 recipient of the Civitas August Heckscher Award for Community Service and Excellence. In 2011 she won the Gene Burd Urban Journalism Award and was named a Senior Fellow by the Design Futures Council.

Susan holds an MA in Modern European History from Rutgers University, and honorary doctorates from Kendall College of Art and Design, the Art Center College of Design, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She lives in New York’s East Village in a small loft designed by Harry Allen, where she moved after 9/11 to reduce her ecological footprint.