We will the future by dreaming it. We get out 
the way of our dreams by giving them to others, 
encouraging them to become viral.

Join us, help us dream big about the next 100 years.

100 Minda

Dari seluruh dunia

Do I believe what I’m hearing from Don Norman, Larry Keeley and even Jamie Dimon? The corporate and civic models for collectivized action are not competing, they are not battling each other, they are not negating each other, they are actually merging into a new identity altogether.

- John Hockenberry

Have the courage to create a work in stone that vanishes before your very eyes. It’s the model for dreaming from artist Dale Chihuly who describes his wall of ice project in Jerusalem. If you create a powerful model for conveying the importance of taking risks, you can get people to take a leap, and if enough people jump… then you’ve really got something!

- John Hockenberry

Dreams are not relaxing. This is no daydream. Look at the potential conflicts in some of the approaches. America’s resurgence in some of the dreams is pitted against a more global vision that puts planet above nation. There is the call for collective action and the yearning for simple individual changes.

- John Hockenberry