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Mar 5

Siddesh's 100 Dreams Interview

Siddesh's 100 Dreams Drawing

These are the first words we hear from Siddesh, a 10-year-old boy from Mumbai, India in the documentary One Day. The film, developed by Steelcase in collaboration with Genesis Inc., and directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Daniel Junge, follows six children as they dream about the future. What will the world look like in the years to come? What is the world going to have that we don’t have now? These may sound like big, complicated questions for kids but their answers are remarkably profound.

When we meet Siddesh, he proclaims his Indian pride and notes that he hopes India will one day be a great country. As he looks over the city, he talks candidly about the many slums near his house as he begins to talk about the future. He feels confident that he will personally be able to contribute to the betterment of the country as an architect. In his adulthood, he hopes to create “intelligent buildings” that will adapt to environmental conditions. If a tsunami would come toward the city, for example, his structures would rise up on stilts “so everyone can live.”

In addition to caring for the people in Mumbai, Siddesh is also concerned for the natural environment. “A lot of children of my age see the future with flying cars, but they don’t see the negative effect,” he says. “If the flying cars leave black gas, that will leave trees to die. We have to think about the world before making new things.”

Citizens of India are among the happiest people in the world, according to a recent study by global research firm Ipsos. Despite a wide economic gap and civil conflict, 43 percent of Indians say they are very happy. Siddesh’s positive outlook on the future certainly demonstrates this sense of optimism.

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